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Personal Shopper

Shopping in Shanghai can cause a range of emotions and craziness. If anyone knows Shanghai shops inside-out, it’s Sunflower Team. Shanghai transformed from Old World Asian trading city into a glittery modern metropolis and carefully vetting new and noteworthy stores when they open their doors while continuing to keep tabs on the old stores crammed with collectible treasures. You know there are riches in this town. Sunflower Team knows where to find them. They’ll lead you to the most reputable couture dealers, antique merchants and pearl purveyors. Interested in custom goods? Sunflower Team has a well-edited roster of artisans who’ll create a tailored item specially suited for you. When you talk to us about a made-to-order tour, make sure you also tell us you’re interested in checking out some of the city’s galleries and studios and exploring the ancient landmarks of some of the off-the-beaten path neighborhoods.

Duration: 6 hours. Price per person: 600RMB/$93 (excluded transfer).

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