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Sunflower Travel Tips

Don’t go with unofficial drivers at Airport. Follow the airport sign & it will direct you to TAXI parking lot. Driver should use meters. Now you need give extra 2 RMB tax in Beijing when you pay the taxi fare..

Don’t take Taxi which is already waiting in the exit of historical sites. Please get one from the road. Or take the one that just arrived with other passengers. Make sure the driver use meter machine.

Don’t go with strangers to Teahouse, bars or clubs in downtown Wangfujing or club area. They would charge a extremely high price.

Don’t take Rickshaw in Tian An Men Square or downtown Wangfujing area. It is not 3 RMB when you pay the bill, they would charge you 300RMB.

Be aware of pick pocket in crowded place. Please make sure you have it below your eyesight.

Be aware of restaurant waitress and please make sure the dish price clear before you order it.

Be aware of mental-disordered people who is next to you and try to keep distance with them.

Please& Please keep your passport in the safe of Hotel then you won’t lose it!! If you do lose it, it will be horrible! It takes 5 to 7 days to obtain your new visa from foreign administration. It will be fine if You just keep the passport copy with you when you do the sightseeing in town.

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