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Cloisonna Vase


Wanna have a easy shopping day?

Our local Sunflower Team will be your personal assistant. We are friendly buyer, We are sharp bargainer, We are your personal shop advisor. Please don’t hesitate to let me know your special interest! Let me make you a fun and memorable day!

Guide assistance: 130US$ (8hour shopping assistance. 10US$ per hour with extra work.)

T: +86 13681141982
E: info@sunflowertourschina.com
W: www.SunflowertoursChina.com

Chinese Silk Carpet
China Silk
Pashmina shawl and Cashmere/Silk scarfs
China Shadow Puppets
Clothes, Shoes & Bags
China Lacquer Box
Jasmine Tea
Tieguanyin Oolong tea
Teapot set
China fans
China Hacky Sacks
China Lanterns
Tailor-made dress and suits
China Screen
Pearl necklaces
Jade Pendants and Necklaces
Copy of Terracotta Army
Chinese traditional Art
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